About the Artist

Siavash Mazloumipour

Siavash Mazloumipour, born and educated in Iran, is an international artist with an old soul.

Ranked among the outstanding painters and architects of his time, Siavash is a graduate of Interior Architecture from Tehran University of Arts, and has been since active in painting, interior architecture, graphic art, and illustration.

With his extensive scholarly past, global exhibitions and his new teaching method, Siavash strives to paint what he believes is the underlying essence of his country.

His watercolor paintings on canvas –a creative new approach– not only speak clearly of his experience, talent, and skills, but also beautifully illustrate the culture and landscape of Iran. His work takes the soul to a serene place enriched with memories and emotions.

Known for his humble nature, he cites watercolor masters to be an inspiration behind his detailed paintings.

His award-winning illustrations and various renowned international exhibitions have attracted attention to the culture and scenery of Iran.


1969, Ramsar, Iran: First Prize Medallion of Watercolor.

1988, Tokyo, Japan: Encouragement Prize of Noma Concours for Children's Books Illustrations.

1989, Tehran, Vahdat Hall, Annual Music Ceremony: Winning Prize for Music Cassette Cover Design.

1990, Tehran, Iran: Honorary Board for Children's Book Illustrations from the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults.

2003, Mexico City, Mexico: Honorary Board for Watercolor from the International Mexican Exhibition.

Scholarly Positions

Al-Zahra University: Illustration Lecturer.

Azad Islamic University: Illustration Lecturer.

International Exhibitions

1987, Czech Republic, Bratislava: The Global Illustrations Exhibition of the Ministry of Culture.

1988, Yugoslavia, Belgrade: The Belgrade Exhibition of Books and Posters.

1988, Japan, Tokyo: Noma Concours for Children's Book Illustration Exhibition.

1991, Italy, Bologna: The International Children's Book Illustration Exhibition.

2000, USA, New York: Art Exhibition.

2000, Iran, Tehran: Sima Gallery.

2001, France, Paris: Art SUD Exhibition.

2001 until now, Germany: Berlin Exhibition.

2002, Mexico: Fifth Biennial for Watercolor.

2006, Canada, Toronto, Art Gallery: Coalesque Exhibition (Solo).

2006, Malaysia: International Art Exhibition.

2009, Canada, Toronto: Art Gallery.

Other Exhibitions

Tehran, Contemporary Art Museum: The Second Iranian Exhibition of Graphical Arts.

Tehran, Contemporary Art Museum: The First Exhibition of Children's Book Picture Illustration.

Tehran: The Second Exhibition for Flower and Nature in Iranian Paintings.

Tehran, Kanoon Parvaresh Fekri: The Exhibition for the Most Celebrated Works of Illustration in 30 Years.

Tehran, AmirKabir Cultural Centre: Art Exhibition.

Tehran, Niavaran Cultural Centre: Art Exhibition.

Tehran, Saba Cultural Centre: Art Exhibition.

Tehran, Khorshid Gallery: Art Exhibition.

Tehran, Atashzad Gallery: Art Exhibition.

Tehran, Embassy of Belgium: Art Exhibition.

Individual Exhibitions

1995, Zarabi Gallery: Watercolor Exhibition.

1994, Naghshe Jahan Gallery: Watercolor Exhibition.

1994-2001, Vali Gallery: Watercolor Exhibition.

2008, Kane Naghsh, Isfahan: Watercolor Exhibition.

2009, Emrooz Gallery: Watercolor Exhibition.

2010, Shakooh Gallery: Watercolor Exhibition.


The Iranian Watercolor Collection.

The Glory of Persian Watercolor.

The Ten Illustrations of Watercolor Collection.

Book Illustrations

Where Is My Tail: Kanoon Parvaresh Fekri.

Mischievous Mouse: Kanoon Parvaresh Fekri.

Panirak Stories: Kanoon Parvaresh Fekri.

Rain. Rain. Rain: Kanoon Parvaresh.

The Red Fish and the Sea: Avaye Koodak.

Cover Design for more than 200 Iranian Music Cassettes.

Cover Design for a Variety of Books and Publications.